Live Music

Summer of Live Music

Santa Fe is lucky to have a engaging swing community. There are several nights a week you can go out and dance to DJ music, especially if you include Albuquerque. However there is also great opportunities to hear and dance to great bands.

Here are just a few spots bands will be at this summer:


The Santa Fe bandstand is bringing in some great artist. The Santa Fe Bandstand is one of the cities great festivals and music events. Every year they do a great job to help bring live music to the city.


Morning at the bookshop

This coffee shop is in the heart of plaza. It shares the space with Collected Works, so you can pick up great books when you aren’t dancing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

To hear live music show up on Saturday mornings. However it’s best to check to make sure that a band will be playing.

Cow Girl

cow girl

Cow Girl is one of many restaurants in Santa Fe that will host live bands. How better to recover from the summer heat then go out for dinner and dance the day away, in the cool night.

Look for the Updates

We at 505 Swing do our best to provide for news and updates. To find out when bands are playing or share the news check out our Facebook page and Facebook group.