Dancing at the Oxygen Bar

Swing Dancing Heats Up Thursday Nights in Santa Fe

Every other Thursday people stop by the Oxygen Bar, in Santa Fe, to put on their dancing shoes. It’s become the latest hot spot thanks to Wingtips & Windsors, a local group dedicated to holding swing dances.

People walking by, on Thursday night, can hear the sounds of big bands of the 20s and 30s, gypsy jazz, and even doo-wop spilling out onto the street. Those that stop to look in will see a crowded dance floor with people doing everything from swing outs to Balboa.

People interested in learning more about the dance can show up early for a free 1 hour lesson, which is included in the price of admission.


Santa Fe Oxygen Bar

When the Santa Fe Oxygen Bar isn’t Santa Fe’s newest dance venue it is open for therapeutic treatments. The Oxygen Bar has cafe where people can sit down and enjoy a cool drink away from the hot New Mexican sun. They also offer messages, oxygen, and many other treatments.

Wingtips & Windsors

Is a group dedicated to music, style, and dance. It helps to foster an environment where people can come and meet new friends in a safe and welcoming space.