About Swing

Swing dancing is a fun active partner dance. It has origins that stretch back to the 1920s, with great dancers like Frankie Manning. Since then it has continue to adapt and evolve incorporating more people and styles. Today swing dancing remains one of the most popular social dances.

Who We are

Here at 505 Swing we do our best to keep the tradition of swing dancing alive. Our goal is to get as many people out on the floor dancing, from blues to solo jazz. We do our best to support our local community of dancers and musicians.


Santa Fe


Dancing at the Oxygen Bar

August 4 2017

Swing Dancing Heats Up Thursday Nights in Santa Fe Every other Thursday people stop by the Oxygen Bar, in Santa Fe, to put on their dancing shoes. It’s become the latest hot spot thanks to Wingtips & Windsors, a local group dedicated to holding swing dances. People walking by, on Thursday night, can hear the sounds of big bands of the 20s and 30s, gypsy jazz, and even doo-wop spilling out onto the street.

Dancing on the Plaza

July 25 2017

Davina and the Vagabonds! Davina and the Vagabonds have been in Santa Fe a few times and each time they come they always bring the best sound. There most recent visit was this summer, with the Santa Fe Bandstand. It turned out to be a perfect evening for dancing. As a swing dancer, there is something special about live music. Something about being there in the moment and reacting to the band brings out the best dancing in me.

Live Music

July 21 2017

Summer of Live Music Santa Fe is lucky to have a engaging swing community. There are several nights a week you can go out and dance to DJ music, especially if you include Albuquerque. However there is also great opportunities to hear and dance to great bands. Here are just a few spots bands will be at this summer: Plaza The Santa Fe bandstand is bringing in some great artist.

First Video

July 20 2017

Youtube Video Made from video taken from dances in Santa Fe. The music is by Gordon Webster. Check out our video:

Update Look

June 20 2017

Welcome to the new site: Now with blog posts! 505 swing has changed it’s look. The update is meant to help provide blog posts and other informational widgets. No more calendar Trying to maintain a Google calendar and calendar on the site was too much. Our calendar was falling behind facebook events. We may revisit the idea in the future but until then keep checking facebook for the most recent news.


Santa Fe

Mike Garcia & Elli Hindmarch

Santa Fe

Sundays at the Dance Station - Swing Dance classes! No partner required.

Cedric Cash


Learn swing dancing from one of Albuquerques best dancers

Erik Robison & Marisa Garcia


Two of the nicest instructors that you will ever meet.

Silke Maietta-Hatch & Bandi Khalsa

Santa Fe

Two fantastic instructors who make learning fun and enjoyable!



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